Micro Botox

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What is Micro Botox?

Microbotox is a procedure where tiny droplets of botox are injected superficially into the skin and superficial muscle fibers to improve the appearance of the skin without compromising the action of the deeper muscle fibers just below. The Microbotox technique is a versatile chemoresurfacing technique that alters the sheen and texture of skin by decreasing sweat, oil, and sebum production; improving acne and rosacea; reducing the appearance of open pores; decreasing fine lines without altering deep muscle movement, lifting and sculpting the jawline, smoothing the neck and under-eye areas and generally giving a natural appearance to the face without an “over-Botoxed” look.
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Although some small wrinkles may still be present after the treatment, facial expressions and movements will be fully retained, just with a lessened appearance of wrinkles.

How often can you get Micro Botox?

Because fewer units are injected in the same body surface area, typically Micro Botox will not last as long as a regular administration of Botox.
Results may last only two to three months, whereas a typical administration of Botox injections typically lasts around three to four months because more units are injected in the same overall area.

What areas of the face can be treated with Micro Botox?

Several areas of the face can be treated with Micro Botox, including, but not limited to:

What are the benefits of Micro Botox?

What are the benefits of Micro Botox?
Everyone is a Candidate

The small amount of injection used will allow the muscles to relax without becoming completely frozen. The treatment is intended to leave some movement, as well as the ability to make expressions. There may be a few subtle wrinkles left after a Micro Botox treatment. Because the results are so natural-looking, this is a great option for those who do not want anyone to know they have had Botox.

Short Procedure Process

Everyone leads a busy life every day, so any procedure that does not take up an excessive amount of time is a huge bonus. While it is impossible to determine the exact length of the procedure before seeing the patient’s treatment needs, the majority of people can be treated in about 30 minutes.

No Recovery Time Required

Another huge benefit of Micro Botox is that it does not come with a lengthy recovery time, which can often avert some people from getting a specific treatment. Patients should be able to return to their regular plans right away with no issues.

Get Instant Results

Since Micro Botox is injected directly into the skin, positive results will be visible nearly instantly. Immediately after the procedure, the patient’s skin will look smoother and younger, which is completely different from the 7-10 day wait for typical Botox results. However, results may not last as long as full-dosed Botox since not as many units are being used at a time.

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